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Instagram Links Now Available for EVERYONE!

Possibly the most anticipated feature of all time, the ability to link a url to your story, is no longer limited to verified accounts or accounts with more than 10,000 followers. Instead, Instagram has finally launched linking ability for EVERYONE! Small businesses, rejoice!

If you spend a lot of time on "the gram", you're probably already in the loop on the retirement of the swipe-up. If you're not a frequent Instagram-aholic, you may not have noticed yet. Instagram discontinued the swipe-up feature several months ago and many influencers freaked out. It took just a few minutes for followers to adjust to the new link button, but I'd say just about everyone is on board now.

The biggest win of this change was a complete and utter shock to me and why we're jumping on the blog right away to let you know. You can now link any URL to your story with a link button, regardless of how many followers you have. Instagram finally got the clue that some of us small guys would love to link articles and products too!

Not sure how to link to stories? Let us show you in the tutorial below!

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