Frequently Asked Questions

What is QC Socialite?

QC Socialite is a marketing and event coordinating company based in Charlotte, NC. We coordinate a variety of vendor events each year. Our mission is to provide affordable opportunities for small businesses, in high traffic locations where small businesses can engage with new customers.

How do I see QC Socialite’s list of upcoming events?

Simply click HERE to view all of our upcoming events.

Do I need tickets to shop at your events?

No, currently all QC Socialite hosted events are 100% free and open to the public! We welcome you and appreciate your support of Charlotte's small business community.

How do I apply for a vendor space?

Select the "Apply Now" button from the menu, or click HERE. Once on that page, you will see buttons to information for each event. Just scroll down and you will find the application form online.

What happens to my application deposit?

A $40 deposit is required with all vendor applications. The deposit policy is as follows: Vendors that are accepted will see their deposit credited toward the vendor fee on their application. if an application is denied, the deposit will be refunded to the applicant. The only way a deposit is refundable is if the application is denied. In all other circumstances, the deposit is non-refundable. If you are accepted to an event and do not pay your invoice within 48 hours of booking, your deposit and reservation will be forfeited. If you have questions regarding deposits/events, please contact us before completing an application.

What are the payment terms?

Due to the limited spaces and high-demand, our standard payment option requires a $40 deposit with your application and once approved, your invoice is due within 48 hours of booking. Failure to make payment within 48 hours will result in forefeiture of deposit.

What if I can't make it to an event that I registered and paid for?

We make every effort to work with vendors when unforeseen circumstances arise. However, we often pay for your space prior to your change in plans. As a standard, vendor fees are non-refundable, but please contact us as soon as you know of your change in plans and we will do our best to work with you on a credit toward a future event. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances.

What if I am running late the morning of an event?

Notify us immediately! Send us a quick email or text and let us know as soon as you realize you are running behind. Again, we understand that things come up. Communication is key. If you let us know you are running late, we can try to accommodate you. Please note that if you are late and do not notify us, we will reserve the right to refuse your setup upon arrival. Malls have strict rules for setup and it is our job to abide by those. Again, let us know as soon as you realize you won't be on time.

What is your chargeback policy?

QC Socialite is a small business, just like you. Due to fraudulent charges from vendors that no-show or violate rules, we will fight any chargebck filed agains us to the fullest extent, up to and including civil proceedings and criminal charges when applicable. We will not tolerate fraudulent chargebacks!

Can I request a specific location at the event I booked?

We spend a great deal of time planning our events, including thoughtfully placing vendors in locations where they are most likely to be successful. Effective June 1, 2021, to be fair to all of our valued customers, if you have a location request, a fee of $20 will be added to your invoice. You will then be able to make a request for a general area (i.e. within eyeshot of the Nike Store or on the same corridor as Belk).

We will do our absolute best to accommodate all requests with priority to requests in the order in which they are received. Your request must be made on your application and payment for the request must be received with your original invoice for consideration. Due to the overwhelming number of requests, we will not be able to honor requests after the application has been submitted. If we are unable to accommodate your request, we will credit the $20 fee to your vendor account. Credit may be redeemed toward a future event. "General Area" will be as interpreted by the QC Socialite Team. Exact placement is never guaranteed due to venue restrictions beyond our control. Due to last minute changes by the venue, we may be unable to provide advanced notice as to whether your request was granted.
Please follow all check-in instructions and guidelines on the day or your event. If your request could not be granted, QC Socialite Staff will notify you that a credit will be available on your account and direct you to your assigned location. Rest assured that every effort is made to ensure success for all vendors, whether a specific location request fee is paid or not.

Can I download a list of the FAQs as a PDF?

Yes! Click here to download.

If I change registration from one event to another at a higher price, do I pay the difference?

Yes, while we do not allow moving of registration, extreme and extenuating circumstances may require you to switch events. If this does happen, you will be invoiced for the difference.

The event I am interested in says "waitlist" - what does that mean?

We’re so glad you’re interested in our event! When an event says “waitlist” it means that we’ve reached our capacity. However, from time to time we are able to open additional spots. By submitting an application to be waitlisted, you are asking us to place your business on our waitlist, in the order in which we receive waitlist requests. If a spot becomes available, you will be invoiced. Standard payment terms of 48 hours from invoicing will apply, unless the event is less than 48 hours away. In this case, we will invoice and email you to let you know. We will give you as much time as possible, but if the event is less than 48 hours away, the invoice will be due upon receipt.

If a spot does not become available, you will be notified and able to select another event. Your deposit will be applied to the event you select and notated on your account until you select a replacement event. Waitlist deposits will only become credit and will not be refunded.

When does registration close?

Registration closes approximately 10 days before the event, but we often SELL OUT well in advance of our cutoff. We recommend booking and paying for events 30-90 days in advance to ensure you are granted a spot. Once we are sold out, we will be on a waitlist only. Please refer to our waitlist policy for more information.

Can I bring balloons to your events?

Great question! While we love balloons, they are strictly prohibited by our venues.

What is provided when I purchase electricity access?

Electricity access is limited at all venues and therefore, we will offer electricity for a surcharge, on a first-come, first-served basis. This will allow you to access ONE outlet. You will be responsible for bringing your own extension cord and/or power strip. Please plan accordingly. At the Charlotte Premium Outlets, you must have an OUTDOOR extension cord of at least 10' in length to access your power outlet. At Carolina Place Mall, a power strip is sufficient, but we recommend at least 6' in length.

Should I bring a cart or dolly?

YES! Regardless of the venue, there will be some need to transport your items throughout the venue. We recommend bringing a wagon or dolly to help ease the burden of setup and breakdown.

What is a business ad?

Our business ad option is a great way to get additonal exposure! We will post a photo of your table/booth/products on our social media and tag your business!

Can you help me save money on credit card processing?

Absolutely! We recommend you research different credit card processing vendors, but we LOVE Square! Process $1,000 for FREE with this link!

Can you help me save on email marketing?

Absolutely! Flodesk is our FAVORITE email marketing platform and we've found it to be MUCH more affordable than other platforms! Check out this link for 50% OFF!

What are your COVID-related policies.

Events that must be rescheduled due to COVID-related closures or regulations are non-refundable. Vendors will receive credit which can be used toward another event. We will NOT make the vendor participate on a selected date, but will provide a variety of opportunities to utilize said credit. If you contract COVID-19 and are unable to participate as originally scheduled, you must notify us via email immediately. We will do everything in our power to provide you with credit toward a future event. If we do not receive notice several days in advance, a partial credit may be all that we can offer. We will assess each sitaution on a case by case basis and do our absolute best to help you, if you are unable to attend due to COVID-19. If you are feeling ill, or experiencing ANY symptoms. Do NOT attend any event. Please put your health and the safety of others first.

What are your weather policies?

Our events will proceed as scheduled, rain or shine. If you are concerned about rain or other inclement weather, we recommend booking indoor events only. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather and therefore events will always be rain or shine. If you elect to skip an event, due to weather, you will forfeit your full payment. However, if you notify us at least 24 hours prior to the event that you will not be attending, due to weather, we will not prohibit you from returning in the future. No-show, no-call vendors MAY be prohibited from attending in the future, so please communicate with us when you've made a decision.

May I breakdown early?

No. Venues do not allow early breakdown. You may only breakdown at the times outlined in event details and/or vendor instructions. Should any limited exceptions arise, QC Socialite staff will notify you of these exceptions. IN THE EVENT OF AN ACTUAL EMERGENCY, notify QC Socialite staff IMMEDIATELY! Should you breakdown early, without prior authorization or notification, you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED and will forfeit all monies paid for the current and future events. Early breakdown jeopardizes every other business we work with and we will not tolerate this from any vendor.

Can I re-apply for the same event or a different event if I’ve been cancelled due to non-payment previously?

Yes, certainly you can. If there is a space available, and registration has not been closed, you can absolutely submit an application and make your deposit. (DEPOSITS MADE FOR PREVIOUS EVENTS ARE NOT APPLIED TO NEW EVENT). Payment will still be due within 48 hours unless the event is less than 48 hours away. At that time, payment would be due upon receipt.

May I transfer from one event to another?

We do not allow transferring from one event to another. Please confirm your calendar and staff before booking. Once a deposit is paid and you are accepted, an invoice will be issued and due within 48 hours. Once the invoice is paid, all sales are final and no transfers or refunds will be issued.

What is your refund policy?

Once invoice is paid, NO refunds will be issued. Vendors will receive credit toward a future event for any events that are cancelled or rescheduled by QC Socialite or the venue. Venues are subject to change. If a comparable booth/table/space cannot be provided, vendor will be allowed to transfer credit to another event. Credit must be redeemed within timeframe provided by QC Socialite at time of notification. Vendors will receive NO credit for vendor-related cancellations. You should confirm your availability PRIOR to registering for any event.